12 Ton Luxury Horseboxes

12 Ton Horseboxes are part of our HGV, Premier range. They encompass all that is fantastic about Cooke, and we are able to so many interesting things with them. Allowing plenty of room for horses, these models provide the space necessary to make comfortable, stylish alterations. This size comes in two packages, the 12T PREMIER 3/4 – 24′ and the 12T PREMIER 3/4 – 24′ WITH LARGE BATHROOM. The key difference between the two perhaps made obvious by the names!

Key Features

Core features of our 12 ton horsebox includes full tilt cab, fully aluminium body and frame, with fully insulated sides. The 12T Premier also boasts a living area to seat 4 people, leather upholstery, kitchen space, bespoke cupboard units and wardrobe and much more. Other key features include:

  • Heavy duty flooring to coordinate with interior
  • Flexible dining arrangements with 2 small tables or 1x large telescopic table
  • 2 double sockets with stainless steel surrounds and USB ports
  • 3x Fully adjustable stainless steel H section padded partitions with detachable solid or stainless-steel bar blinker boards
  • Interior sides lined 6’ high with EVA rubber and can be cushioned padding by request
  • Bespoke blanket rack with doors
  • Horse area and reverse camera
  • Heated Towel Rail and hot air blower vent

More Models

We, of course, have a range of bespoke luxury horseboxes in numerous sizes, starting from the 3.5T and running through to the 7.5T and even 18T models. Each model has their advantages, and regardless of what you need, we can ensure you leave Cooke Coachbuilders in style.

Contact Us

Contact Cooke Coachbuilders today for more information on our luxury horseboxes. Simply call 01270 588 598 or complete our online enquiry form.