HGV Horseboxes – Luxury on Wheels

There’s no denying that no matter how glamourous the horse-riding lifestyle may seem from the outside, the hard training, animal upkeep, gruelling journeys and harsh competitions are stressful at times. If you’re a horse owner that is constantly on the move in between event, transporting animals to new lodgings or just attending appointments, then you’ll know all to well how it can feel climbing in and out of a small cab, never mind trying to will you pony into the trailer. Our HGV Horseboxes can help lessen this stress, offering practicality and luxury – like a second home on wheels.


18 Tonne Premier 4

For those just dipping their toes in the world of HGV horseboxes, it might be wise to start at the lower end of the tonnages with an 18t model, like our premier 4. Far from cramped this model shows just how space can be used to carry all of the practical necessities around, while also feeling comfortable and homely enough to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Not only will the rider get to experience the luxury of a double bed, bespoke cabinets, kitchen area will full size oven and TV, the horse area ensures maximum contentment for any animal in transportation with aluminium flooring and protective rubber overlays.


26T Cooke Premier 6

The middle of the range of tonnages is perfectly summed up by our 26t Premier 6 HGV horsebox which comes with even more space and even more features than the 18T models but is crafted with the same attention to detail. With a living area that is 8ft long and sleeping up to 6 people with luxurious upholstery, bespoke units and even optional granite worktops. With huge amounts of storage and customisable extras including wine fridge, lighting options and hot/cold water systems.


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