Horsebox Repairs for Winter

Although 2020 has been somewhat of a let-down for horse competition goers and those who would normally compete, all equestrian enthusiasts are hopeful that 2021 will resume the normal calendar. One of the side effects of cancelled events is that horseboxes haven’t been needed to transport teams which means, like many vehicles during the pandemic, they have been sat stationary and unused for some time. With no upcoming events to attend it might not seem pertinent to carry out horsebox repairs, but it’s important to give the vehicle a good going over before the winter sets in.

Check the Exterior

Even when parked still in a yard, horseboxes can gather rust, and this can worsen in the colder months when there is more rainfall and frost. Rust is not aesthetically pleasing but can lead to much worse problems such as water ingress or even splitting in the bodywork, which can cause vehicles to fail their MOT’s and come with costly repairs. Make sure to check the exterior for rust spots and treat them immediately, or if they are already looking quite bad, take them to a specialist for horsebox repairs.

Run the Engine

Like all vehicles that are left sat for a long time, horseboxes’ batteries can flatten and getting the engine started again can be difficult. It’s best to give the horsebox a drive every so often to keep everything in order and ensure that it actually starts when you need it too, even if that seems like a while away. While you’re running the engine, it is good practice to take a look over it and make sure all the fluids are within their limits and if not, top them up. If you encounter any mechanical issues, make sure they get fixed by a certified horsebox repair company rather than leaving it to sit for any longer.