What to Consider When Buying a Horsebox for Sale

Looking into buying a horsebox for sale? Whether you’re an experienced horse transportation buyer or this is your first foray into the world of horseboxes, there are several things to consider when finding the perfect vehicle to suit your needs. Of course, all horse owners will want the highest level of health and safety for their animals and the drivers and so whether you’re buying new or second hand, it’s important that these factors are central to your decision-making process.

The Cost

When buying a horsebox for sale, of course, the cost is one of the determining factors. Different budgets will get different sorts of vehicle, with the higher tonnage boxes usually costing more than the smaller. As the cost and size of the vehicle increase, however, so to do the maintenance costs, running costs and the insurance and so it is important to factor these in when deciding on how much you can afford.

The Condition

Of course, if you’re buying a brand-new horsebox for sale, then everything from the mechanics to the interior should be in impeccable condition, but if you’re buying a second-hand one then you should inspect it carefully. While you can’t expect a pre-loved vehicle to be quite as polished, lookout for any signs that it might need costly repairs. Ask to see all of the paperwork and service history which will indicate how mechanically sound the vehicle is, before undertaking a visual inspection of all of the fittings and fixtures inside the living area, cab and horse area.

The Licences

One of the key things that people forget when buying a horsebox for sale, is the type of license required to drive different tonnages. While a small 3.5-tonne horsebox can be driven on a traditional driving license, heavier vehicles such as HGV’s require a more specialised license, which should be obtained before purchasing a vehicle, so you can complete a test drive legally and safely.