Cooke Coachbuilders to Build Horsebox for Ruth Edge


The New Standard for Comfort Premium manufacturers of horseboxes for sale in Staffordshire, Cooke Coachbuilders, are proud to count Ruth Edge, the esteemed name in Dressage and Eventing, to our growing list of prestigious clients. Ruth and her team needed something out of the box to cater to their changing needs; in response, we delivered […]

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Watching Your Weight

A Weighty Issue Based in Crewe, Cooke have long produced horseboxes for sale in Cheshire rightfully esteemed for fuel economy and efficiency. That efficiency, however, never comes at the cost of safety and stability; our entire range of horseboxes, from our 3.5t horseboxes to our HGV horseboxes, is designed to save weight wherever possible, without […]

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Why Buy New?

Good as New? If you’re in the market for an upgrade, or are just generally browsing horseboxes for sale, Cheshire has a diverse range of dealers specialising in both new and used models. The thing is, with people selling through online sites like EBay, Gumtree and more, it’s always difficult to be sure of the […]

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We Support Fit2Ride

Premium Crewe horsebox manufacturers, Cooke Coachbuilders, are proud to support Fit2Ride, a unique riding school covering the surrounding areas of Cheshire, Staffordshire and North Wales. Fit2Ride, ran by extensively qualified trainer, Kirsty Edwards, focuses on helping riders to develop a better relationship with their horses, as well working with them to develop their cardiovascular fitness […]

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7.5t Horseboxes & HGVs: Bigger & Better?

Go Big & Go Home Compact, lightweight and economical, 3.5t horseboxes are great for daytrips, short journeys and small teams, but if you’re looking to transport a larger team in comfort and style, it’s time to consider buying a 7.5 tonne horsebox or HGV. Cooke Coacbuilders are specialists in bespoke horsebox design, and even offer […]

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Why Buy 3.5t Horseboxes

Good Things in Small Packages?   With so much choice and a seemingly endless range of options, choosing from the vast array of horseboxes for sale online is daunting. Fortunately, if you’re looking to buy horseboxes in Staffordshire or Cheshire, you’ve got a premium vendor and designer on your doorstep to deliver impartial, helpful advice. […]

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Horsebox Graphic Design Made Easy

horsebox collage

To a non-specialist, the world of horsebox graphic design can be daunting, and the number of technical processes and accompanying terminology out there can make your head spin. When done properly however, a well-designed horsebox won’t only look professional, but it will act as an effective form of marketing, making your vehicle a portable advert […]

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Advice on Horsebox Interior Design

inside luxury living area

With so many options out there, settling on a practical, appealing horsebox interior design without any help can be difficult. As with all aspects of bespoke horsebox design, choosing the right interior to match your style and requirements can be a time consuming process, and the dizzying amount of choice and customisability out there can actually […]

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The Advantages of Opting for a Tilt Cab

silver horse lorry close up

When investing in a new horsebox, we at Cooke Coachbuilders would always recommend opting for a bespoke design service so that your requirements feed into every aspect of the production of the vehicle. The issue with bespoke horsebox design however is that you can quickly become overwhelmed with the amount of choices and options you […]

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Choosing The Size Of Your Horsebox

collage of horseboxes

As we always say, choosing to invest in a new horsebox should be a very carefully measured judgment; you need to address all kinds of factors, such as the size of your team and payload, and the chances of expansion in the future, to name just a few. Consequently, correctly choosing the size of your […]

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