Our HGV horse boxes are built on the same high standards of quality and care that has made our 7.5T vehicles so popular.  The Cooke Premier HGV range is best suited to those wishing to transport larger teams and more livestock.

Cooke Premier HGV horseboxes feature, as standard, a bespoke living area that is designed based upon your requirements. This means that you’re getting everything you require in a portable home, without paying for any unnecessary extra features. Each one of our HGV range incorporates the premium set of features from our 7.5T line, including a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, with the option to add in additional luxury extras. These include, for example, satellite TV, air-con and bespoke tack lockers. Our team are focussed on catering to your needs however, and will try to accommodate any specific requirements you have.

Similarly, the horse box itself comes fully fitted with aluminium flooring, protective rubber overlays and stainless steel partitions.

Optional extras available for 26t Cooke Premier 6

  • Metallic Paintwork (more than one colour)
  • Specialised graphics
  • Additional roof vents and electric fans
  • Feed bins & Exterior tack lockers
  • Additional partitions
  • Heating in external tack lockers
  • 32″ or additional TVs
  • Quooker Hot Tap in Living
  • Generator upgrade to 5Kw
  • Satellite TV
  • Flush toilet and tank
  • Roof rack and ladder
  • Awning