Our range of horseboxes is extensive and as bespoke as you choose. But which is right for you?

3.5 tonne horseboxes

The 3.5-tonne horsebox range is designed with both economy and affordability in mind. However, they don’t sacrifice on build quality or luxury, as they’re carefully built by the very same hands as our super spec and bespoke models. They’re able to be driven on a standard UK driving license and have fantastic durability.

4.5 tonne horseboxes

Our 4.5-tonne horseboxes are a bigger, sturdier version of their 3.5-tonne cousin. It boasts a longer and more streamlined design to reduce swaying and reduce noise – making for a more relaxing journey for your equine passengers. This means it’s better suited for long-distance travel,

7 tonne horse boxes

The short wheelbase of our 7.5-tonne horseboxes allows for a small turning circle on a large vehicle. It offers great stability, durability, and liveability for long haul journeys with multiple passengers and horses. Seating and sleeping a minimum of four people with various fantastic features as standard, this horsebox sacrifices nothing for the horses but makes room for impressive living conditions for you.

12 tonne horse boxes

Our 12-tonne horseboxes are designed for large teams of people and horses, with style and endurance in mind. As standard, they come with a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, and living area – protective rubber overlays, aluminium flooring, and stainless-steel partitions in the horse cab. Offering amazing luxuries as standard, this is a truly impressive model.

If you’re interested in finding out more about any of these horseboxes, our bespoke building services, or our maintenance and repair services, then visit us on our website or contact us on 01270 588 598.