When it comes to transporting your prized horse, trust and quality are paramount. At Cooke Coachbuilders, established in 1974, we have built a reputation for excellence that spans generations, making us a top choice for custom horsebox manufacture.

The Cooke story begins with Geoff Cooke, who worked to improve his skills at J.H. Jennings and Son, a renown bespoke motor body builders. For 13 years Geoff mastered the intricacies of building various commercial vehicles, including horseboxes. This experience laid the foundation for Cooke Coachbuilders, where Geoff’s passion for horse transport blossomed into a specialisation in crafting high-quality, custom horseboxes.

From the very beginning, Geoff prioritised attention to detail and a high quality of customer service. This dedication resonated with clients and created a loyal customer base that extended beyond the UK. Cooke horseboxes have graced the roads of Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Germany.

In 2015, Matthew Cooke took the reins from his father, Geoff, bringing with him in a new era for the company. Cookes has continued to uphold our commitment to providing a professional and technical service, ensuring prompt and accurate communication while maintaining our reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship.

At Cooke Coachbuilders, personalised attention is paramount. We understand that purchasing a horsebox is an investment, and our exceptional after-sales service reflects this commitment. We promise to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction and provide ongoing support, making us a true partner in your horse transport journey.

To find out more about our range of horseboxes, both new and preowned, head to our website. If you require further assistance or would like to discuss your specific needs, contact one of our team members today on +44 (0) 1270 588598.