Whether it’s your first or your fifth purchase, buying a horsebox is always a big financial commitment, and not one that should ever be taken lightly. There are now a huge range of places to buy horseboxes online, with some sites offering seemingly unbelievable discounts on premium models. The reality is however that in most cases, if a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

That’s why as a reputable and traditional horsebox manufacturer, we at Cooke Coachbuilders have put together the below list of tips to help you make an informed decision when it next comes to buying a horsebox online. By following this simple list of do’s and do not’s, you can make sure you’re making a well informed, intelligent investment.

  1. Buy new

With a huge range of used horseboxes for sale online, purchasing an older model can be a very tempting prospect, especially when they come at a fraction of the cost of a new build. All too often however, seemingly unmissable deals can quickly turn sour,  costing more in the long-run than you would have initially spent on a new vehicle. Where budget allows, opting for a brand new horsebox initially will drastically reduce future running and maintenance costs in the future. When buying horseboxes online, dealing directly with reputable manufacturers is the best way to make sure all the components of your vehicle are in fact brand new, and that they come with factory guarantees.

  1. Survey the vehicle in person

It might seem like an obvious point, but there are a number of services available online that offer free delivery with all of their available horseboxes. This isn’t always a risky way to buy a horsebox online, but caution should always be advised. Wherever possible, taking the time to inspect the vehicle personally is the easiest way to get piece of mind when it comes to its overall condition; remember that it’s easy to mask poorly maintained internal components with attractive outer bodywork. If mechanics and engines aren’t really your area of expertise, it would pay to take a friend or relative along to assess the vehicle and get an impartial opinion as to its true condition.

  1. Check it out online

If for some reason you’re unable to physically inspect the vehicle, performing rigorous background checks online is the next best option. A lot of online insurance companies offer comprehensive vehicle checks, which will tell you the vehicle’s current owner and history, as well as if there’s any finance taken out against it. Whilst they’re no real substitute for actually seeing the horsebox, performing background checks such as these are an easy way to expose any potential red-flags before buying online.

  1. Put your needs first

A good horsebox should cater exactly to your needs, providing a safe environment in which to transport your horses, at a budget and size to suit you. When there is such a large range of horseboxes for sale online, it can be easy to background some of those requirements in order to get a cheaper deal. In the majority of cases however, what can seem like a minor grievance when purchasing can easily become a major issue four or five years down the line. Once you have chosen to buy a horsebox, check its specifications against your original list of requirements, and make sure you haven’t forgone any of your needs to try and cut down on costs.

  1. Buy bespoke

To a similar end, buying a bespoke horsebox really is the only way to make sure your vehicle is built strictly to purpose. Whilst initially it might seem like the most expensive option, our team at Cooke Coachbuilders find that the majority of our customers who opt for our bespoke design service go on to save money in the long run.  By opting for a bespoke build, you make sure that you’re only ever really paying for what you actually need. Furthermore, a reputable horsebox manufacturer will offer you complete transparency as to where all of the individual components have come from, assuring you of their quality and authenticity.

Buying horseboxes online is always a tricky business, so carrying out thorough research before purchasing is heavily recommended. Horseboxes for sale online aren’t always a risk, but should always be treated with caution if you can’t verify their source. Wherever possible, we would wholly recommend opting for new or bespoke builds from reputed manufacturers, as this is the best way to guarantee quality and authenticity, reducing the risk of costly expenditure in the future.

If you’d like to learn more about the current range of horseboxes for sale at Cooke Coachbuilders, or our bespoke design services, please get in touch with one of our team today.