With so many options out there, settling on a practical, appealing horsebox interior design without any help can be difficult. As with all aspects of bespoke horsebox design, choosing the right interior to match your style and requirements can be a time consuming process, and the dizzying amount of choice and customisability out there can actually end up hampering rather than helping efforts. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide, which is comprised of jumping off points and things to bear in mind when designing your next horsebox, so that we can work together to create a functional, comfortable living space for you and your animals.


Deciding on a horsebox interior design that you like the look of can often be very difficult, owing simply to the vast amount of options available on the current market. Is it a traditional home setting you’re trying to emulate? Or perhaps you’re looking for something more modern? The amount of variety out there is seemingly endless. Remember that if you’re in the racing or trading industry, having a professional and well-maintained horsebox is integral to a strong and reputable brand image, so make sure to bear this in when designing your interiors. If you’re stuck for ideas, try researching horsebox interior designs online, sites like Pinterest have vast galleries of different styles from which you can draw inspiration.


Once you’ve settled on a particular style, it’s now time to decide on which materials to use for your individual fixtures and fittings. The key thing to bear in mind when choosing how to outfit your horsebox is that your cupboards, beds and tables etc. all have to be able to withstand long journeys and potentially difficult terrains. Businesses that try to cut corners and opt for cheaper materials quickly find that they’re not durable or versatile enough to withstand long stretches on the road, leading to breakages and even injuries a few months down the line. At Cooke Coachbuilders, all of our fixtures and fittings are available in a range of high quality, long lasting materials, so that you can feel safe and secure in your horsebox.

Style vs. Practicality

Incorporating your individual style and requirements into a practical, comfortable horsebox interior design is perhaps the most difficult aspect of the whole process. It’s very easy to get carried away when choosing fittings on paper, and you often end up trying to cram a lot of fixtures into a confined space. It’s therefore imperative to base any new ideas on existing builds, using previous examples of horsebox interior design as reference points to assess spacing and measurements. This will give you a good idea of just how much you can fit into your horsebox without affecting your general living conditions. Every bespoke horsebox we create is made to measure, that way you know that each component of your horsebox has been specifically designed to accommodate your needs.

It’s often the case that designing the interior of your horsebox is just as confusing the exterior, so consulting the experts for help is always a good place to start. Hopefully this guide will help, giving you some handy ideas on which to base your designs, and important practicalities to bear in mind throughout the interior design process. As always, the Cooke Coachbuilders team are happy to help, so if you’re still overwhelmed by the dizzying array of choices out there, please call or email our team today.