Cooke Coachbuilders use over 43 years of experience to provide a comprehensive service and vehicles that perform. We have broken down our name to explain why you should choose Cooke Coachbuilders to craft your dream horsebox.

C- Comfortable Stay

If you travel a lot with your horses for events or holidays, then comfort is a priority that cannot be overlooked. To ensure you make the most out of your journey or an overnight stay, we always ensure our horseboxes for sale boast comfort in every inch for both the horses and passengers!

O- Original Design

No one’s horsebox needs are the same as the next person, so why should their vehicle be? With our wide selection of customisable features, you can create the horsebox of your dreams that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and is crafted just for you.

O- Opulent Options

Say goodbye to your rusty convoy and invest in a vehicle that does more. Not only are our horseboxes for sale fitted with state of the art facilities for your animals, but also the passengers. You can enjoy luxury benefits such as built-in showers, satellite tv’s and even granite or Corian worktops!

K- Knowledgeable Staff

When working with the Cooke team on finding your perfect horsebox, it is not only the vehicle you will be impressed with, but the customer service. Our team are experts in the field of equestrian automobiles, and it is through their proficient knowledge that they can help meet your exact needs.

E- Elite Range

Cooke Coachbuilders wide range of horseboxes for sale represent the very best in equestrian vehicles and can present a bespoke option for a selection of budgets, requirements and number of horses.

The team at Cooke Coachbuilders are proud to offer a comprehensive and outstanding service. To find out more about how we can help you, fill out our contact form or call 01270 588 598.