Cooke Coachbuilders’ horseboxes provide passengers with comfortable and stylish living areas as well as practical and sophisticated spaces for cooking and dining, but what about the horses? A horsebox is no good unless it can guarantee safety and comfort for your equine passengers too. Don’t worry! We know how much your horse/s means to you which is why our horseboxes in Middlewich are fitted with the best interiors to allow for optimum cleaning, safety and comfort.

Sturdy and Easy Cleaning

Lined with white-faced aluminium and fitted with a fully drainable aluminium planked floor, with heavy-duty rubber matting, the horse cab is extremely easy to clean, no matter how muddy your horse gets. Some of our vehicles even come with the optional extra of a horse shower!

Safety and Comfort

Fully adjustable stainless steel padded partitions and interior sides padded with EVA wall matting can help you rest assured a bumpy road won’t hurt your horse. The bonded tinted windows included can help to keep them calm on their journey and interior lights and night travel lights can stop them from getting startled in the dark.  With the inclusion of a roof event and DEFRA approved electric fan, you can easily regulate the temperature in the horse cab to ensure your horses are comfortable in transit.

There are also many options and customisable extras you can add to your vehicle to allow for a smoother journey and stay for your horse, from internal cameras to keep an eye on them to feed bins for post-travel snacking. You can find out more about how Cooke Coachbuilders prioritise your horse by calling us today on 01270 588 598 or view our range of vehicles here.