With most of 2020’s equine events cancelled or postponed, horseboxes across the country are not seeing much show-ground action, and transportation of livestock has ground to a halt. Whether you own a 3.5 tonne, a 7.5 tonne or a HGV, using this downtime to maintain and clean your horsebox will pay dividends next show season and will help you stay in touch with your equine passion during this difficult time. Our coachbuilders in the UK have put together a guide of how to treat your horsebox to some TLC.

Do a Deep Clean

In light of recent events, our coachbuilders in the UK recommend a deep sanitation of all areas of the horsebox. In an environment where livestock and humans regularly mingle, there is ample opportunity for germ contamination that can be harmful to both rider and horse. Ensure to use cleaning products suitable for the material you intend to clean, and it is advisable to use products with antibacterial agents in them, to eliminate any germs that may be present. Start with the driver’s cab, before moving backwards through the horsebox, finishing with the horse area – which should be diligently cleaned.

Get Under the Hood

Just like any vehicle, a horsebox needs mechanical maintenance every once in a while, to run to the best of its ability. While during busy eventing seasons, it is easy to forget about oil, water, and coolant levels, now is the ideal time to top up. Our coachbuilders recommend you make sure all key fluids are within their recommended limits and run the engine every once in a while, to warm the engine up and ensure the vehicle starts up with ease the next time it is required.

Patch Things Up

Horseboxes travel many miles, transporting lots of people and heavy animals, making them prone to wear and tear. If your horsebox has sustained damage or needs some repair work by a professional, our coachbuilders in the UK can help, just call us on 01270 588 598.