As we always say, choosing to invest in a new horsebox should be a very carefully measured judgment; you need to address all kinds of factors, such as the size of your team and payload, and the chances of expansion in the future, to name just a few. Consequently, correctly choosing the size of your horsebox is not only difficult, but crucial, as it will impact upon your ability to maintain and expand your team in the future.

At Cooke Coachbuilders, our stock horseboxes come in three sizes, each of which is designed with a specific size and purpose in mind. Before choosing to buy a horsebox, take time to consider your requirements as a business, and let these factors inform your decision as to which model to go for. With so many choices available on the market, from small van conversions to completely bespoke builds, making your mind up can be a complex and often time consuming process. This is why the Cooke Coachbuilders team have put together this useful guide, simply explaining how our designs can meet your individual requirements.

  1. Your current team size

This is, arguably, the most crucial factor affecting any new horsebox purchase. The current size of your team (including staff and livestock) will dictate the minimum size of the horsebox you should opt for. Remember that scrimping on size might be appealing when it comes to expenditure, but can often cause unnecessary stress to both your horses and staff, leading to further issues in the future that could easily have been avoided.

Our Countryman horsebox range is ideally suited to those looking to transport 2 horses comfortably from A-B, alongside 2 passengers in the main cabin. These horseboxes are ideal for short journeys and small teams. If you’re looking to transport more livestock or staff members however you should look at upgrading to our 7.5T or HGV ranges, which can comfortably hold a minimum of 4 passengers and 2 horses or 3 ponies. They also offer in-built living accommodation for longer journeys, making them ideal for touring and overnight trips.

  1. Legal requirements

The law regarding vehicle size and weight is understandably precise, and difficult to get your head around if you’re new to the transportation and logistics sector. At Cooke Coachbuilders, we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible. The Countryman is specifically designed to be used by younger drivers, and as such only requires a standard driving license. This makes it a smart investment if you’re a small operation looking to use young or lesser experienced drivers. For anything above this, you’re going to need a driver who holds a C1 category driving license or higher. This means that if you’re looking to invest in a 7.5T or HGV style horsebox, you have to factor in the costs and time involved in training up an existing driver or employing a new one.

  1. Your budget

Working out your current budget before it comes to buying a new horsebox seems like an obvious suggestion, but it’s important to factor in future costs as well. If you’re opting for a larger model, such as a 7.5T or HGV horsebox, it pays to be mindful that bigger vehicles obviously cost more to maintain and require more fuel to run. All of our Premier vehicles prioritise fuel economy; they’re a clever investment for businesses looking to grow as they aim to limit future expenditure after initial investment.

  1. Your future

The future of your organisation should also be at the forefront of your mind when buying a new horsebox, as every vehicle you purchase should be seen as a long lasting investment. As well as looking at where you are currently, take time to look at where you want to be, and buy a horsebox that reflects both your current situation and your vision. This means that if you’re considering the possibility of expansion in the future, it might be worth investing in a larger model now, so as to avoid having to buy another vehicle 2-3 years down the line. It’s also important to consider your brand image, as the size, status and appearance of your horsebox will greatly affect how people perceive your organisation.

Buying a new horsebox, like any other business investment, is a crucial decision that isn’t only based on your current financial situation, but where you see yourself heading in the future. Choosing the correct size of your horsebox, balancing budget against requirement, is a complex process that should take time and conscious effort. If you’re still unsure as to which size horsebox is right for you or your company, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the Cooke Coachbuilders team today.