The New Standard for Comfort

Premium manufacturers of horseboxes for sale in Staffordshire, Cooke Coachbuilders, are proud to count Ruth Edge, the esteemed name in Dressage and Eventing, to our growing list of prestigious clients. Ruth and her team needed something out of the box to cater to their changing needs; in response, we delivered a high quality bespoke horsebox design that sets the standard for excellence and comfort.

The Next Level of Bespoke Horsebox Design

Ruth required an unconventional solution that would meet the needs of her expansive team, a unique vehicle that would house both livestock and team members in a comfortable and versatile environment. With this in mind, we knew that our standard range of stock horseboxes for sale simply wouldn’t cut it.

We worked closely with Ruth and her team to deliver a quality, tailored product, taking all measures to meet their unique needs whilst keeping project costs as low as possible. Starting with the horse area, we created a space that could comfortably hold 4 animals with ample room for accessories, apparel and more. Prioritising the livestock’s safety, the horse area was built to prioritise stability and security whilst out on the road. Moving onto the living area, we collaborated closely with Ruth and her team to deliver that unique “home away from home” feeling that only comes with a bespoke horsebox. The proposed accommodation will be enough to sleep rider, Ruth, and five of her racing team, incorporating modern amenities like televisions, fully-equipped mobile kitchens and versatile sleeping and living spaces.

Finishing Touches

As premium horsebox manufacturers, we appreciate that the finishing touches make the product. That’s why we added in a custom wet room into the bespoke horsebox design for added ease and convenience. Designed to house used or dirty riding accessories, the wet room can easily be cleaned following use, delivering an unbeatably quick and user-friendly solution.

Looking for bespoke or stock horseboxes for sale in Staffordshire, Cheshire or some of the surrounding areas? Contact Cooke Coachbuilders, esteemed local name in horsebox design, to have a vehicle built to your exact needs today.