Even with the finest paints, applied in the most effective way, it is likely you’ll find that over the years your horsebox starts to look a little tired, especially if you’re getting good use out of it. For vehicles you’ve potentially spent a lot of money on, it can feel like a real shame. Luckily, Cooke is on hand to supply expert horsebox repaints in the UK.

We are able to tackle all areas of paint repair, from accidental damage to full resprays. Moreover, our in-house signage and graphics team are available to ensure you never need to  drive your horsebox without branding.

Services & MOTs

Available to conduct full horsebox body checks on-site, we are also equipped to arrange dealer services and MOTs. Leave it with the experts at Cookes to ensure a smooth, stress-free process from arranging services to resprays, repaints, and more.

Our Range

Browse our range of horseboxes online today. We specialise in creating bespoke luxury horsebox builds for all our customers. Available sizes include 3.5, 7.5, and 18 Tonne horseboxes (amongst many more). Don’t hesitate to discuss your next horsebox online today with the experts at Cooke Coachbuilders.

Contact Us

Contact the team at Cooke Coachbuilders for services including MOTs and horsebox repaints online today. Don’t take the risk, trust in our experts to ensure your beloved horsebox is kept to the desired standard.