For horse owners, upgrading their horseboxes to a larger vehicle can be worrisome and may put off moving up a size over the fear of the weight, size and driving style required. However, it can be the best option for many to switch to an HGV horsebox, which classifies 18-tonne horseboxes and above. Knowing whether or not transitioning to a heavy goods vehicle or not relies on a few key factors, which we have explained below.

Do You Have the Right License?

Driving an HGV means obtaining a new sort of licence and undertaking lessons and a test to deem you safe enough to handle 18-tonne horseboxes and above. This is something you need to factor into the overall costs of upgrading to an HGV and you should practice driving as much as possible with lessons until you are comfortable manoeuvring these larger vehicles, which will help to keep you, your horses and other road users safe.

Will You Be Travelling Long Distances?

If you spend most of your time in your current horsebox travelling to local shows and going to the vets then an HGV horsebox may not suit your needs. However, if you are travelling long distances and potentially staying overnight, owning an 18-tonne horsebox can help to make both the journey and the stay more comfortable. With larger living areas and more room for additional animals, HGV’s are more spacious and are ideal for larger teams.

Don’t Let the Mileage Put You Off

HGV’s are known for doing longer distances and so when you’re buying second hand, they can have quite high mileage, but don’t let that put you off. Even if you use the vehicle throughout eventing season, you are still likely to drive it for less than a traditional car meaning you can afford to buy one with higher mileage, as you are likely to put less onto it than other transportations.

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