When purchasing a horsebox for long journeys and overnight stays, you need to think of all those on board. With our selection of luxury horseboxes for sale, we prioritise comfort and easy travel for horses and humans alike.


When creating our luxury horseboxes for sale we think beyond just a liveable space, we want every journey and overnight stay to boast comfort and style in every inch. From our spacious and comfortable lounging areas, to double beds, satellite tv and even pull out showers, you can have all the comforts of home, on the move!


We know how much your horses and ponies mean to you, which is why we put just as much thought into their environment as we do yours. To ensure that your horses are not only contented during travel but are housed in a versatile and durable space, our vehicles come fitted with easy to clean aluminium floor panelling topped with hard-wearing rubber matting for extra comfort, stainless steel partitions and an electric air ventilation system.

Find out more about our range of luxury horseboxes for sale here or speak to a member of the Cooke team on 01270 588 598.