New to the wonderful world of equestrianism? One thing to consider when taking on the responsibility of a horse is the transportation required. Whether it’s going to events, moving from stable to field, or if you just can’t bear to leave them behind, here at Cooke Coachbuilders we specialise in creating vehicles tailored exactly to your requirements.

Starting out, you’re not always looking for grand RV style horse boxes, which is why we offer a wide range of compact 3.5 tonne horseboxes. Exactly what you need at a fraction of the cost and weight! Here is a short breakdown of all the 3.5 tonne horseboxes that we sell.

3.5T County

Our Cooke County model is the most basic vehicle we manufacture here at Cooke Coachbuilders. Although the craftsmanship is just as intricate and detailed on our other vehicles the 3.5 tonne County is perfect for those looking to move their horse on a smaller budget.

3.5T Raceline

The Raceline was built with safety and practicality in mind; it’s perfect for those who are starting to get involved in the racing or stud industry. It’s designed to give the driver and horse the freedom to travel longer distances.

3.5T Countryman

The Countryman range is all about economy and affordability. This vehicle was created with younger drivers in mind as you can drive it on a standard driving licence. This 3.5 tonne horsebox can comfortably fit two horses.

3.5T Countryman XL

Including all the key features of the standard Countryman but boasting an extra 300mm in length, the Countryman XL can accommodate those travelling further. With options to customise cab seating, incorporating a combi sink/burner, portaloos and storage space.

3.5T Countryman RS

Camera systems, personalised exterior painting, and a long list of customisable features, this 3.5 tonne horsebox offers extreme luxury at affordable prices. Guaranteed to provide excellent performance at a low rate of fuel consumption.

3.5T Countryman XL-S

Based on our best-selling Countryman XL, the XL-S has an incredible number of features, too long for this short paragraph but include; all of the features of the XL, as well as living area walls lined in a choice of finishes along with handmade matching wardrobe and cupboards, a double bed above the cab, overhead cupboards with larger windows and mains hook up.


As you can see, the options when looking at 3.5 tonne horseboxes may be more extensive than you originally thought and here at Cooke Coachbuilders, we can tailor the horsebox to your requirements ensuring a truly bespoke experience that manages your money efficiently.


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