Cookes Coachbuilders specialise in creating bespoke horsebox builds that meet to the needs and requirements of our clients everywhere. No matter your needs, we aim for luxury and never compromise on quality. If you’re looking for 12 tonne horseboxes for sale, look no further than the experts at Cooke Coachbuilders.

12 Tonne Horseboxes

There are several extraordinary features that are attributed to our 12 tonne horseboxes. Each of these contributes to the comfort, safety, and pleasure of horses and their riders. From 2x fully adjustable H partitions to a fully waterproof wet room, our team of expert craftsmen are on hand to ensure that everything is to your taste upon completion of the build.

Optional Extras

There are several interior and exterior optional extras that function to create an even more convenient environment and develop that sense of having a home on the road. These include a satellite TV, additional roof vents and fans, digital remote locks, additional partitions, additional paintwork and graphics, and more.

Call Cookes

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