As with all our bespoke models, our 4.5 tonne horseboxes come fitted to the best possible standard by experienced coachbuilders passionate about producing high quality results. This size, which is perfect for drivers looking to transport multiple livestock to and from shows come in the Countryman, Countryman – WC and Raceline models.


The 4.5 Tonne Countryman

With the aim of creating a stress free environment on the move, the 4.5 tonne Countryman ensures comfort for horse and competitor alike. Capable of holding two horses rear facing, the long and streamlined design prevents noise and swaying disturbing the horses in transit. All this is coupled with an overnight living area including a combination of Gas Hob and Sink, 3 way fridge and pull out bed. Built on a brand new Peugeot Boxer 160 HDI cab chassis which is proven to be extremely economical, the Countryman is sold with 12 months warranty on the build and 3 years warranty on the cab chassis.


The 4.5 Tonne Countryman – WC

Much like the normal standard Countryman, the Countryman – WC allows for a stress free environment for both horses and competitor. Able to hold two horses its design also ensures a reduction in swaying and noise that might otherwise make the horses uncomfortable. This model also comes with an overnight area with the addition of a separate toilet area for extra convenience and privacy.


The 4.5 Tonne Raceline

Our 4.5 tonne Raceline model offers a sleek and efficient design with enough space to hang rugs and coats. With capacity to hold up to two horses, with a ramp and side door. The drivers cab is finished with Cooke’s branding with twin diamond stitching into the leather work.


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