The Premier 2 7.5 tonne horsebox boasts both a stylish and functional design that prioritises both the comfort of you and your horses. This practical vehicle can comfortably carry two horses and the short wheelbase gives it a small turning circle ideal for turning in tight spaces.

The box itself is expertly manufactured from high-quality aluminium. The entire structure is designed and built with weight in mind to ensure fantastic performance and better its fuel efficiency. This comfortable and durable horse home is fully equipped with aluminium floor panelling covered with rubber matting.

We construct our dividers from stainless steel, with insulated outer walls to maintain consistent temperatures, and we fit an industry-standard air ventilation system to keep your horses happy and healthy.

As for liveability, all of our 7.5 tonne horseboxes come with running hot and cold water as standard, kitchen facilities, and a shower/washroom. We can also fit Freeview televisions, LED lights, and multiple finishes on kitchen surfaces, seating, and other fixtures.

We can even ensure the cab seats are trimmed to match the interior. Almost anything is possible, including a full-size oven! All of which can be supplied at a cost-effective price.

We use advanced painting and colouring processes to style the outside of your horsebox to your exact requirements. We offer both the distinctive Cooke style and bespoke graphic design service to make the horsebox truly your own.

If you’re interested in our Premier 2 7.5 tonne horsebox then call us on 01270 588 598 or visit our website to look around our gallery and browse our models to see what is right for you and your horses.