With eventing season on hold, it may not seem like the most pertinent time to invest in a horsebox for sale, but with reduced time on the yard preparing for competitions, those looking to purchase can benefit from undertaking extensive research. A big financial decision, buying a horsebox requires some careful considerations from the tonnage, living space and running costs. Whether you’re in the market for an upgrade, are looking for a second-hand starter vehicle or are taking the plunge and buying your very first horsebox, here are our tips for finding the best fit for your needs.

Consider the Weight

Most horseboxes for sale start at a weight of 3.5 tonnes and go all the way up to HGV sizes and choosing the right size comes down to how often and far you will be travelling and with how many horses in tow. It is important to consider, however, that different horseboxes will require different driving licenses and therefore will incur other costs if you need to take a specialist test. Before committing to a certain tonnage, obtain the proper documentation and ensure that you are comfortable with the vehicle of your chose size before purchase.

New or Old

Buying a new or second-hand horsebox for sale can be a tough toss-up, with both offering their own unique advantages. Purchasing a new vehicle gives the buyer a certain set of assurances, in that there will be no mechanical or superficial faults on the vehicle, and everything will be working as it should. Furthermore, they will be exempt from MOT tests for 3 years and will be subject to some kind of warranty if something does go wrong. However, they do often come with a price tag to reflect all of this. Second-hand vehicles, on the other hand, may have more issues, particularly the older they become but can be cheaper, more fuel-efficient and easier to get to grips with.