A summer filled with events is just around the corner and the time for preparation is now. Some of Britain’s best equestrian events happen at all ends of the country, so being able to comfortably travel with your horses is key to ensuring you don’t miss out. Our horseboxes in Staffordshire are fully equipped with everything you need to guarantee a smooth and easy event season.

Meeting Your Requirements

Whether you are travelling across the country for a week-long event or just down the road for a day race, our horseboxes in Staffordshire are fitted with comfort in mind. If you are opting for one of our vehicles fitted with a living area, you can relax, sleep and even cater as easily as If you were at home.

Horse Versatility

A horsebox with a living area that is tailored to your needs is all very well, but if the horse cab and storage utilities are lacking then it is not ideal for travelling frequently for events. Our prioritise comfort and versatility for both passengers and horses.  Suiting from one to multiple horses, the horse cabs in our vehicles come fully fitted with aluminium flooring, protective rubber overlays and stainless steel partitions, helping to keep your livestock safe and secure during travel. With plenty of storage options, our horseboxes are perfect for those travelling to events with a lot of equipment and supplies.

Added Luxury

While our horseboxes in Staffordshire are extremely practical, we also have a wide range of luxury extras for some added opulence to your vehicle. Around event season, you are going to be spending a lot of time in your horsebox, so the addition of some deluxe features means that you can really travel in comfort and style. Depending on the size and style horsebox that you choose, our optional features include everything from satellite tv and additional storage to lavish granite worktops and slide out showers.

To view our range of available horseboxes in Staffordshire, click here or find out more about our bespoke service.