Ensuring the safety and well-being of horses during transport is of high importance. Here at Cooke Coachbuilders, we take that responsibility very seriously and have been working since 1974 to ensure horse safety and comfort with our meticulously designed horseboxes. In this blog post, we explore just a few of the ways we equine welfare in our state-of-the-art horseboxes.

We understand that a sturdy foundation is vital when safeguarding horses during transit, therefore this is at the forefront of our mind when designing our horseboxes. The bedrock of our horseboxes is aluminium-planked flooring which provides a sturdy platform for your horses. Additionally lined with rubber matting to offer superior traction and cushioning for the horse’s hooves which adds to stability during the journey.

Understanding the unique requirements of each individual horse during transportation, our horseboxes offer stainless-steel partitions, headboards, and rug racks. These partitions not only serve to segregate the horses within the coach but also act as protective barriers, minimizing the risk of injury while still guaranteeing airflow and visibility.

We take pride in surpassing industry standards for horse transportation. Our horseboxes are prepared for new European certification and come equipped with a comprehensive array of DEFRA approved standard features, including.

Roof vents

Strategically positioned to ensure proper ventilation and airflow, the roof vents effectively regulate the internal temperature and prevent the buildup of stale air.

Two-way fans

This ensures optimal comfort for horses, allowing continuous fresh air circulation even during stationary periods.

Temperature and humidity gauge

To monitoring the internal climate is of utmost importance during horse transportation. Our features allow the driver to maintain ideal conditions for the horses throughout their journey.

Night travel lights

We understand that some travel extends into the evening, so to accommodate this our horseboxes are fitted with night travel lights, providing sufficient illumination without causing discomfort or distress to the horses.

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