Life on the road – while it can be challenging – is a great experience, and we all know travelling to and from shows with your horse is a fantastic opportunity. This opportunity can be made a more comfortable, more luxurious experience with our Premier and Platinum range of HGVs. These run from 10 tonnes to 26. All our options deliver bespoke craftmanship and come fitted with custom living areas as standard. In fact, all our HGV Horseboxes come hand-built to the same exceptional standard, drawing on over four decades of experience in the field. At Cooke Coachbuilders we are sure our HGV models are bound to catch your eye, and that our team can work with you to build the vehicle that fits your needs.


When it comes to our Premier selection, as already mentioned, you have the choice from 10T26T models, depending on what you require from your Cooke HGV Horsebox. These models are great if you want to travel with more people, and more horses! Just like our popular 7.5T vehicles, our Premier horseboxes come fitted with all you would need from a mobile home, along with the option of extras like satellite TV, air-con and bespoke tack lockers.


Our Platinum range includes a wonderfully sized 18T option that comes in both grey and black.  These stylish models provide even more opportunity for you to customise, and tailor to your needs. Cooke Platinum HGV Horseboxes come with all the essentials, like a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, with the option to add in luxury extras, like underfloor heating or slide-out barbeque. This optionality allows you to have all the necessities – and luxuries – you need from a home away from home, without any costs you may deem unnecessary.

Interested in our HGV range? Get in contact via our website, or call us on 01270 588 598