Cookes Coachbuilders is comprised of seasoned horsebox builders, and we have been in operation since 1978, honing our skillsets and ensuring customers leave satisfied. Our coaches are the epitome of luxury and are constructed with quality in mind at all times. Your needs and requirements aren’t left out either, with a range of optional extras available to choose from.

Depending on which model you elect, your bespoke horsebox build could find a wetroom, living room, satellite tv, and more. Our range of models span sizes from 3.5 to 26 tonnes and everything between.

The History

As touched upon, our horsebox builders have been operating since 1978. Founded by Geoff Cooke, Cookes Coachbuilders has been a family business ever since and is now run by Matthew Cooke. Committed to the continued adoption of high-quality materials and techniques, the Cookes reputation remains strong amongst customers past and present. Our fantastic customer service and high standard of workmanship speaks for itself and have seen our horseboxes find homes across the UK, Ireland, Norway, and even Sweden and Germany.

Get in Touch

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