To a non-specialist, the world of horsebox graphic design can be daunting, and the number of technical processes and accompanying terminology out there can make your head spin. When done properly however, a well-designed horsebox won’t only look professional, but it will act as an effective form of marketing, making your vehicle a portable advert for your organisation.

This blog has been put together to explain our horsebox graphic design processes  in your terms. It will help you understand a little more of what goes into our horsebox graphic design service, decide which option is right for you, and generally enable us to work together to visually realise your company’s brand image. 

Paint Masking

We at Cooke Coachbuilders have a long and successful history of providing paint masking solutions to those who require professional graphic designs for their horseboxes at affordable prices. The art of paint masking is similar in concept to stencilling, but obviously on a much larger scale. We create a large template to be affixed onto the surface of the horsebox, and then apply digitally produced designs using a mixture of spray paints. By using multiple stencils and shades we can create dynamic and eye-catching horsebox graphic designs that successfully evince our clients’ individual brand images.


Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are a great way to add a touch of personalisation and branding to newly completed builds. As the name implies, vinyl stickers are affixed to the front, back or sides of a vehicle, and are the best way to incorporate logos, names or specific images into your horsebox’s graphic design. We find that the majority of our clients opt for vinyl stickers as they help to create a sense of unity between their staff, livestock and vehicles. They’re the best option if you have a particularly intricate logo or image you wish to display, and offer us more creative control than typical paint masking processes.


Making the right choices when it comes to the graphic design of your horsebox is imperative, as it directly impacts upon what your vehicles say about you and your company. With so many various processes out there, it can be difficult to decide which is best suited to your needs. If you still have any questions regarding our horsebox graphic design service, or are interested in revitalising your horsebox with new imagery, please get in touch today.