Horseboxes can be put through a lot. From scrapes turning into small gateways to a solid kick from one of your equine passengers, they’re often put through the wringer. Our Cooke horseboxes are impressively durable however no horsebox is immune to a few dents and scrapes.

We know that your horsebox in an investment, not just a purchase, so it’s important to practice regular horsebox maintenance to keep yours in great shape. That’s why we offer our comprehensive horsebox repair and horsebox repaint services.

Horsebox Repair

Cooke employs a team of fully trained, experienced specialists that are fully qualified to service and MOT your vehicle, as well as help maintain your horsebox’s structural integrity. They can pop dents back in and buff away scrapes with such precision you’d never know it had been there to begin with.

Additionally, if any damage has come to the living or equestrian area, they’re more than qualified to fix it back to its original grandeur as they’re the very same hands that constructed your horsebox.

Horsebox Resprays

Working alongside our repair specialists, our design and graphics team are on hand to either refresh or completely respray your horsebox. Whether you have a specific design planned out or simply an idea, this team will bring your horsebox to life. Repainting your horsebox can update your public image for a fraction of the cost of an entirely new vehicle.

We’re located in Crewe, with great access for those located in Stoke and across Staffordshire but we offer our services to any horsebox owner in the UK. If you’re interested in horsebox repairs or resprays then visit our website or contact us on 01270 588 598.