When you purchase a horsebox, you are looking for a comprehensive vehicle to transport you and your horse(s) on the road comfortably. Comfort is important for the wellbeing of both you and your horse – not to mention the impact the interior has on your performance if you enter competition. It isn’t just comfortability that matters when it comes to horseboxes however, as looks are what first meets the eye. Our team offer the highest quality of horsebox respray services to rejuvenate the appearance of your horsebox investment.

Sometimes accidents happen. Sometimes paintwork chips as you decided to enter more competitions than normal or simply have more encounters with temperamental weather that threatens the chic look of your horsebox. That’s why our friendly, expert team offer all aspects of horsebox resprays and are on-hand to repair paintwork.

Bespoke vehicle branding is a part of the service our highly experienced team offer as your horsebox represents both you as a horse rider and communicates an initial impression about the capability of your horse. We have an in-house graphic design and signage team who can help you to craft the best bespoke vehicle branding for your personal brand.

All our services are accessible simply by filling out a short enquiry team, with customer service at the forefront of what we do as a long-running business of horsebox manufacturers.

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