Whether you are an experienced equestrian, or a first-time horse owner, travelling to horse shows and competitions can become a large part of life. To ensure the comfort and safety of your horses during transit, a bespoke HGV horsebox is a fantastic investment to make. But with a number of manufacturing options to select from, picking the ideal horsebox for your needs can be daunting. At Cooke Coachbuilders, we manufacture and sell a wide range of horseboxes in Cheshire for our customers.

Here is our buyers guide to ensure you make the right choices when purchasing:

  • Safety For Your Horse

When it comes to buying a horsebox, the safety of your horse is of utmost importance. Choose a stall size that allows your horse or horses to travel in comfort, with sliding partitions that provide quick and easy re-positioning of the stall door. Fully drainable aluminium planked floors offer longer life cycles than timber floors, and heavy duty rubber matting provides grip for safety. It’s also important that your chosen horsebox has adequate payload to safely transport your horses.

  • Storage & Tack Lockers

Tack storage is another essential component of every horsebox. Consider the size of your saddles and ensure that your chosen horsebox has tack lockers large enough to accommodate all of your essential equipment.

  • Room for Growth

For those with ponies, a horsebox which is a suitable size now may be too small in five years’ time. It’s wise to select a horsebox with room for growth that can also accommodate full-size horses.

  • Comfortable Living

It’s not only the horses who require comfort for long journeys – your horsebox should also include a comfortable living area that can accommodate you and your team. Whether you are searching for a complete luxury finish, or basic amenities, our horseboxes in Cheshire can provide what you need for travelling and living.

Enquire About Horseboxes in Cheshire

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