If a breakdown occurs on the road with horses onboard, it can be particularly stressful. Not only do you have your vehicle and other road users to think about, but you also have a containment of horses on board. Bespoke horseboxes are a speciality of ours but we don’t stop at the thrilling design or manufacturing stage, we offer MOT & horsebox services in addition to consistent advice on this blog page.

Prevention with a Horsebox MOT

A horsebox MOT will ensure your horsebox is fit to be on the road – our highly experienced team of experts can deliver full body checks and recommend more frequent horsebox servicing if necessary. It helps to think about how often you use your horsebox in relation to how often you will need to have your vehicle serviced.

Check your Horse

Once you have pulled into the nearest available hard shoulder, check your horses have all they need. Do they have adequate access to water, forage and good ventilation? This will help them to behave well as you wait for help, as well as ensuring you do not have an extra job in having to take care of your horse.

Call for Help

Ideally, you should put a warning triangle 45m behind your bespoke horsebox, but only if it is safe to do so. Your hazard lights should be switched on to signal your situation to other road users, but if your location is a cause for concern, call 112 or 999 for help.


If you have any 4g or Wi-Fi available, download the app: What3Words, as this app is designed to help recovery teams travel to your location in a faster time.


Contact Us

To discuss any of our bespoke horseboxes, from a 4.5 to an 18 tonne horsebox and the best choice for you in more detail, please contact one of our friendly representatives by calling +44 (0) 1270 588598 today.