If you are a fiend for watching the many viral cleaning hacks TikTok has to offer or you simply have a penchant for maintaining your investments, peruse our advice for how to look after your horsebox. Whether you have an 18 tonne horsebox or you have just taken advantage of our horsebox respray service to spruce up your vehicle, taking pride in your bespoke vehicle is condoned. After all, small actions can make the biggest difference. These tips will help to maintain your horsebox when you are not on the road or you have a gap in your competition schedule.


Parking Space

Try to park your horsebox on hard ground or undercover to provide a dry, safe space, whether your vehicle is a 12 or 18 tonne horsebox.

Avoid damage to the chassis wherever possible. Muddy areas such as patches of damp grass can cause the base frame of the horsebox to rot if left in the same place for too long. Plus, you might struggle to move your vehicle from its chosen spot if you don’t plan on using your horsebox very frequently. Similarly, fallen leaves can get stuck under the windscreen wipers or become a vessel for falling debris that might damage the paintwork – the latter of which can cause a specific pain if you have recently arranged for a horsebox respray.


Drain the Water

Drain the water from your pipes and tank! Now the Autumn and Winter months are coming up, with colder temperatures to follow, it is important to ensure your pipes are protected to prevent cracking and leaking. If a particularly chilly spell hits, ice will form and compromise your pipes by causing cracks and leaks. The toilet tank should be emptied, and all gas bottles turned off too.

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