Horseboxes come in many different shapes and sizes, so there is a lot of scope for which kind of vehicle you are going to buy. More than a singular purchase, the bespoke horseboxes we provide are a long-term investment you will use many times. As a horse enthusiast, you will want to make the right choice for your horse because you know your animal better than anyone else. But you also want to consider what will make you happy and ultimately fulfil the criteria based upon what made you venture into a horsebox purchase in the first place.

All About Horses

While our expert team have the experience and materials necessary to build a bespoke horsebox that provides you with maximum comfort and a roomy space full of mod-cons, your horse is the star of the show. If the vehicle was just for you, you wouldn’t be shopping for a luxury horsebox, so the first step would be to focus on your horse. Are you transporting a well-behaved horse to perform in shows? Do you plan on travelling long distances – maybe even abroad, and therefore need full facilities and plenty of room? Our bespoke horseboxes are built to your requirements, with optional extras listed for you to customise your chosen model even further.

Over To You

Back to you – are you seeking to become a professional and therefore want to make an impression with the flashiest horsebox in town? That option is available to you with the horsebox models provided by our high-quality designs at Cooke Coachbuilders. Comfort also factors highly as your design preferences should be incorporated into a horsebox investment. Survey the different options for interior design choices to make sure you have all you need inside your vehicle.

Contact Us

To discuss bespoke horseboxes and the best choice for you in more detail, please contact one of our friendly representatives by calling +44 (0) 1270 588598 today.