Here at Cooke Coachbuilders, we recognise that a horsebox or race home isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment. This is why we have practiced our craft for over four decades, to ensure we only produce quality horseboxes with true value for money.

We make use of cutting-edge technology in both our bespoke and stock builds. We design and manufacture every detail, meaning nothing is outsourced and you aren’t paying for middlemen – doing things the old-fashioned way reflects in our horseboxes premium build quality and attention to detail but not in their technology or aesthetics.

Our horseboxes and race homes range from the small but premium 3.5 tonne to the imposing HGV. Our 3.5-tonne range benefits from the ability to legally operate them on a standard UK driving license. They carry two horses and are fully customisable to suit your needs. Whereas, our HGVs range from 10ft to 30ft and can offer entirely bespoke living areas. This includes kitchens with full-sized appliances and extra-large bathrooms.

No matter what model you choose, we ensure high standards for your livestock. We provide the same basic level of functional comfort for both the 3.5-tonne right through to the 30ft HGV. This includes rubber floor matting, stainless steel partitions, effective ventilation, and more. Additions are available on all models such as outer taps/showers, blanket racks, night lights and much more.

If you’ve already invested in one of our fantastic horse boxes, then you might want to consider a New Year refresh!

Our specialists are fully qualified to service and MOT your vehicle, as well as giving you a premium repaint and repair. You can even call upon the dedicated design team to help you realise your dream paint job.

Contact us on 01270 588 598 or visit our website to find out more!