If you are looking for luxury transportation for yourself and your horses, it is clear you have a genuine love for horses that probably started in childhood. Not everybody understands the special relationship between a horse lover and their equestrian animal, which puts you in a unique position. This kind of exclusivity is echoed by our team of horsebox manufacturers, who provide a special club where luxury horsebox transportation is created with both your own and your horses comfort in mind.

Our journey began in 1974, where our astute team realised how much potential there is in building coach horseboxes due to the space available and the transformative potential of the insides. Naturally, the world was a different place in 1974, with tools, technology, manufacturing possibilities and décor preferences evolving over time. Forward-thinking and committed to innovation, we have kept up with this evolution to offer a multitude of options and extras – satellite tv and saddle pole removal to name a few.

Ultimately, we are horsebox manufacturers who make a home for you on the road, so our service is always bespoke to your requirements and preferences. Our team is best placed to tailor our models to your preferences due to our vast experience and the luxury products we have at our disposal. Whether you need a 3.5 or 26 tonne horsebox, we will tailor our horsebox to your preference.

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To discuss how the coach built horseboxes our experienced team of horsebox manufacturers make might be the best choice for you, please contact one of our friendly representatives by calling +44 (0) 1270 588598 today.