You’ve been pondering it for a while now: do you or don’t you buy that dream horsebox you’ve been eyeing up for months? With our array of premium horseboxes for sale, Cooke Coach Builders has compiled an essential horsebox guide to give you the nudge you need to invest in one of these high-quality vehicles.

  1. Check off the Essentials

Before you dismiss the above statement as obvious, we’d highly recommend that you draw up a list of your main reasons for purchasing a horsebox, from how much you’ll use it, to pinpointing your specific budget. Maybe you’re a serious Equestrian in need of a home from home for long tours? In which case, our new 4 horse ‘Cooke Platinum’ will do the trick, with under-floor heating, solar energy and comfort by the bucket load. Or perhaps you simply enjoy riding from time to time? If so, our cost-effective 3.5T County horsebox provides all the practicality you could wish for. Whatever your considerations, these will have a significant impact on the type of vehicle you ought to consider.

  1. Safety First

No doubt, you want to be sure that your vehicle is fully secure. For that reason, each of our horseboxes for sale prioritise safety, from our 3.5T Raceline featuring bonded tinted windows to a fully integrated camera system in the reverse and horse area of our 3.5 Countryman, you can find the horsebox that best reflects your security requirements.

  1. Some Smart Storage

If you’re looking into horseboxes for sale, then it begs the question: why compromise on convenience? After all, the vehicle ought to accommodate both you and your horses. Predict how much storage space you’ll need, and select an option from our diverse range of horseboxes. Be it our clever storage above the Luton or even some discrete skirt lockers wherever possible around the vehicle, we’ve got options aplenty. Alternatively, our bespoke design services are always available, creating a no-clutter vehicle to meet your every need.

Want to learn more about Cooke Coach Builders’ current range of horseboxes for sale? Simply get in touch with one of our team today on 01270 588598.