Whether this is your first rodeo, or you have had previous horseboxes dalliances, there is a lot to consider when looking to purchase a horsebox. As a horse lover, you will rightfully have both yourself and your horse in mind in regard to comfortability, appliances, appearances and more. Coach built horseboxes are our speciality, giving us a great platform with which to advise potential buyers.

Coach built horseboxes are the more modern option for horse transportation. These types of vehicles utilise advancements in manufacturing with the robust materials that are used in their construction to provide a more lightweight feel without compromising on strength. Given how much attention to detail is given to their construction, you have more control over individually tailoring your coach built horseboxes.

Before you purchase any type of horsebox, it is worth considering the weight of your investment – how much time will you spend travelling? What features are you looking for? And most importantly, how many horses will you need to transport?

We have several models to choose from that each come equipped with different features, impressive optional extras and a range of sizes. The key word in that sentence was ‘optional’ – you have the opportunity to customise your coach built horseboxes in whichever way you deem fit for your requirements. In addition, you can always reach out for advice.

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