When you purchase a horsebox from our coach built horseboxes selection, you are making a time and money investment that will last. Our team are experts in honing their years of horsebox-building expertise to provide you with the bespoke horsebox you require to create a home for you and your horse while you are on the road.

Any Size, Any Time

Unlike other companies, we can create any size horsebox you desire, from the smaller 3.5 tonne horsebox to the mid-sized 12 tonne horsebox, all the way up to a 26 tonne horsebox. The same attention to detail and commitment to quality is carried out irrespective of the size of the coach built horsebox our team manufacture. A horse with plenty of space is a happy horse, especially when they are being transported to another location. Strong but with a lightweight feel, a coach built horsebox is the right choice for you if you know you are going to use this mode of transport frequently, require lots of space for both yourself & your horses, and want to make a investment in light of these factors.

For Sale

Our experts can talk you through the best options for the model, interior and features for you based upon your expected usage. All our advice comes from years of expertise in building luxury coach-built horseboxes that combine practicality with on-the-road luxury. We also have a ‘for sale’ section where you can peruse which horseboxes are ‘just in’ and which are coming soon, plus browse by category.

Contact Us

To discuss any aspect of the coach-built horseboxes we manufacture, please contact one of our friendly representatives by calling +44 (0) 1270 588598 today.