A Premium Product

Across the wide range of available horseboxes for sale in Staffordshire and Cheshire, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable, convenient and tailored vehicle than our outstanding 7.5t and HGV Premier models. The Premier range is instantly recognisable for both class and style, offering a supremely comfortable, closely tailored option to suit a wide variety of requirements.  Check out our blog as we delve further into these outstanding vehicles.

Our Premier HGVs and 7.5t horseboxes have been designed to offer one of the most comfortable living environments on the market for both you and your livestock. As standard, the Horse Area in our 7.5t horseboxes measures at 3.3M (3.9M for HGVs) with both vehicles having the capacity to comfortably hold three ponies or two horses. They’re also fitted as standard with a number of features, such as tinted glass windows, secure partitions and more for the comfort and security of your horses.

The living area of both the Premier 7.5t horsebox and HGV models is similarly luxurious, going above and beyond the conventional facilities. Both vehicles come with expansive living areas to comfortably sleep a number of guests, complete with versatile interior designs, several aspects of which can be tailored to your exact tastes. Both our 7.5t horseboxes and HGVs also feature high quality kitchen amenities, such as inset hobs and ovens, which make day-to-day living both convenient and comfortable.

Going that Extra Mile

Cooke Coachbuilders have one of the largest ranges of horseboxes for sale in Staffordshire and Cheshire, with models to suit all budgets and requirements. Our stand-out Premier ranges can even be customised with a range of optional extras such as specialised graphics, underfloor storage and roof racks, all depending on your needs! So if you’re looking to buy a horsebox, browse through our available new and used models online today, and be sure to get in contact for more information.