This month, Cooke Coach Builders are getting down to the nitty-gritty. As a leading UK horse box designer and manufacturer, we put our reputation down to one key quality: that perfectionist streak in us. Find out how this exacting attitude means we go above and beyond in delivering a perfectly personalised horsebox, whatever your requirements.

Tailored Touches

Whether you’ve fallen in love with the 3.5T Countryman or any of our other horseboxes for sale, we won’t hold it against you if you feel there’s a small something missing. Far from taking this personally, our designers discuss your specifications and budget in detail, allowing you to add those final finishing touches. From additional lighting here, to a spot of personalised paintwork there, don’t hold back in giving your horsebox those tailored touches.

The Bespoke Overhaul

On the other hand, you may have a considerable list of creature comforts you simply can’t live without. This is where our bespoke design service takes over, working closely with the customer to create a fully made-to-measure horsebox reflecting their every specific need, from design conception to complete manufacture. Possessing over 40 years of experience, our highly qualified team are accustomed to delivering innovative designs that are as functional as they are attractive.

Why Hold Back?

After all, if your horsebox is here to stay, why compromise on those all-important details? Combining our top-quality materials with personalised vehicle design, Cooke Coach Builders delivers on every front. To get your show on the road, simply browse our selection of horseboxes for sale online today or contact our Crewe-based team on 01270 588598.