As a horse owner, we know that one of your most challenging tasks can be finding a vehicle that accommodates both you and your four-legged friend. Cooke Coachbuilders pride ourselves on excellent craftsmanship and customer service when providing you with a horsebox that you’ll be proud to travel in. One of our most popular vehicles is our 4.5 tonne Countryman, and here’s why:


The Countryman 4.5 tonne prioritises comfort for all its passengers! With enough room for two rear facing horses, the long-streamlined shape is designed to prevent any extreme swaying or loud noises that may alarm or distress them during travel. It also offers a compact, well equipped and comfortable living area to accommodate you for any length of stay, and includes a combination gas hob and sink, a fridge and an impressive pull out double bed; it really has everything you need to travel in style.


Every horse and rider have different requirements, which is why the 4.5 tonne Countryman comes with a wealth of customisable features. From the ability to tailor the twin diamond stitched upholstery, to the exterior graphics and alternative options for tack storage, we can ensure a truly bespoke product from the inside out.

Cost Effective

As one of the smaller horseboxes we offer, the 4.5 tonne Countryman comes with all the necessary features at just a fraction of the cost of a larger vehicle. They consume less petrol, making the vehicle itself more economical than if you were to purchase an HGV or a 12 tonne horsebox.

Sourced in the UK from a Peugeot approved manufacturer our 4.5 tonne horsebox is sold to you with a twelve-month warranty on the build and a three-year warranty on the cab chassis.

The 4.5 tonne Countryman is just one of the horseboxes available from Cooke Coachbuilders collection, from 3.5 tonnes, to 18 tonne HGV’s we can provide you with the perfect vehicle. To find out more about our range, call a member of our team on 01270 588 598 or enquire here.