Owning horses comes with a unique set of transportation needs, and custom made horseboxes from Cooke Coachbuilders offer a tailored solution that standard models often can’t match. From ensuring the safety and comfort of the horses to providing convenience for owners, these bespoke vehicles bring several advantages to the table.

  1. Optimised Safety and Comfort

Custom made horseboxes prioritise the safety and wellbeing of the horses during transit. Unlike standard trailers, which may not account for individual horse size, temperament, or specific requirements, custom built horseboxes are designed with these factors in mind to ensure a comfortable journey for horses.

  1. Tailored Features and Layout

One of the significant benefits of custom made horseboxes is the ability to tailor features and layout according to individual preferences and needs. Whether transporting a single horse or a larger group, owners can work closely with us to design a layout that maximises space efficiency and functionality. From storage compartments for tack and equipment to living quarters with sleeping areas and kitchen facilities, customisation options are virtually endless. Owners can choose materials, colours, and finishes to match their style preferences, creating a personalised and visually appealing horsebox that stands out on the road.

  1. Enhanced Durability and Longevity

Bespoke horseboxes are built to last, utilising high quality materials and craftsmanship to withstand the rigours of frequent use and travel. Unlike mass produced vehicles that may sacrifice durability for cost effectiveness, bespoke horseboxes are constructed with longevity in mind. Our craftsmen pay attention to detail, reinforcing critical structural components and using high quality materials to ensure durability over time. With proper maintenance and care, custom horseboxes can provide reliable transportation for horses for many years, making them a worthwhile investment for serious equestrians.

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