When it comes a horsebox, there are certain things you need to have inside, and certain things you want. The basics are straightforward or easy to Google, whereas the luxury is more of a personal choice that depends upon your preferences. It’s important to find a reputable horsebox manufacturers who can accommodate your requirements with both expertise and high quality equipment, and that’s where we come in as the most worthy candidate.

Horsebox or Trailer?

A horsebox is safer than a trailer, but it also provides a nicer environment for the driver for the horse, even though there are benefits to both types of vehicles! We pride ourselves on our intricate designs co-existing alongside high-quality workmanship because our reputation as horsebox manufacturers has stood the test of time.

Details Matter!

We know that people are aware that if a company is willing to invest in after-sales service, they are committed to doing a great job. The fact our services extends to Norway and Sweden is proof of just how comprehensive our service is! We have several different models for you to choose from that include such luxuries as a wet room, an under-floor water tank that includes a hot and cold horse shower, an exterior water supply with a hose, plus more.

Every model can and will be customised to your needs, so you can choose any optional extras or request any adjustments and our expert team will be able to accommodate them.

Contact Us

Contact the team at Cooke Coachbuilders for any of our horsebox manufacturers services, and our team of certified horsebox builders will be able to accommodate your requirements exactly. In the meantime, browse our website to see what we can do for you.