A Weighty Issue

Based in Crewe, Cooke have long produced horseboxes for sale in Cheshire rightfully esteemed for fuel economy and efficiency. That efficiency, however, never comes at the cost of safety and stability; our entire range of horseboxes, from our 3.5t horseboxes to our HGV horseboxes, is designed to save weight wherever possible, without compromising security or structural fidelity. Check out our blog for more information on all things to consider when balancing horsebox weight against fuel economy.

Taking a Weight Off

Naturally speaking, the heavier your horsebox, the more fuel it will consume, which is why trying to save weight is a cost effective idea in the long run. As standard, our vast range of horseboxes for sale are all built on an incredibly lightweight aluminium chassis, making them one of the most lightweight products currently on the market. That being said, there are a number of key areas in which you can save some weight, particularly in our larger, more premium models.

As might be expected, the first place to start shedding weight is optional extras; things like TVs, thick carpets and more can easily increase the weight of your horsebox if left unchecked. As an aside, it’s also important to consider manoeuvrability, which can easily be affected by weight and balance. As anyone who owns a horsebox in Cheshire will surely know, navigating winding country roads is much easier with a lighter (and potentially smaller vehicle).

Paying Off

It also pays to remember that the base weight of your horsebox will be drastically increased when you add your payload (i.e. the team members and livestock you’ll be transporting). It goes without saying that transporting fewer horses and team members will help to make sure you get more miles for your money.

If you require further advice on horsebox design, or just want to find out more about the widest, most comprehensive range of horseboxes for sale in Cheshire, contact Cooke Coachbuilders today.