With their compact and lightweight design, 3.5 tonne horseboxes are a common purchase for horse owners across the country. Small enough to be driven with a standard licence, 3.5t horseboxes are the easy driving choice for many. Luckily, small and compact doesn’t have to mean compromising on luxury fixtures and fittings – here at Cooke Coachbuilders in Cheshire, our premium range of 3.5 tonne horsebox models showcase the best of our efficient designs for luxury travel. Our bespoke horseboxes can be built on both new and used chassis, with a range of features to suit your needs.

Safety for You and Your Horse

Built to DEFRA Standards, our 3.5t horseboxes have safety for you and your horse at the heart of our designs. Featuring non-slip heavy-duty rubber flooring, the 2 stall horse areas of our smallest coaches will keep your horse secure during travel, with high impact kickboards to prevent potential damage. Horse area cameras are also installed to allow you to check on your horse at all times, in addition to a low and wide lightweight ramp with high opening door for easy loading and unloading.

Bespoke Luxury Features

Whatever your unique requirements are for your new 3.5 tonne horsebox, our specialist coachbuilders can make it happen. Select from a wide range of optional features including bespoke storage fittings, luxury trimming on cab seats and door panels, a water tank to supply an outside tap/horse shower, and exterior paintwork graphics. Whether you select our smallest Raceline model, or our 4ft long Countryman XL horsebox, our team will ensure that your needs are met.

Enquire Today

To discuss which of our 3.5 tonne horseboxes is the best choice for you and your horses, don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly representatives today. Call us on +44 (0) 1270 588598, or fill out our online enquiry form.