Good Things in Small Packages?


With so much choice and a seemingly endless range of options, choosing from the vast array of horseboxes for sale online is daunting. Fortunately, if you’re looking to buy horseboxes in Staffordshire or Cheshire, you’ve got a premium vendor and designer on your doorstep to deliver impartial, helpful advice. Today we’re looking at the advantages of 3.5t horseboxes, specifically for breeders, smaller businesses and amateur riders.


The large majority of 3.5t horseboxes have been designed with versatility and fuel consumption in mind; they’re particularly effective for short journeys and daytrips, at the price of living areas and comfort offered by larger 7.5t models. The selection of horseboxes for sale on our website represents the pinnacle of the 3.5t range, all prioritising stability and safety whilst managing to save a drastic amount of weight and helping to keep fuel costs down. Both the Countryman and Raceline 3.5t horseboxes can comfortably house two horses, with rear facing exits for emergencies. For a little more breathing room, clients can also choose to upgrade to our XL model, which offers an additional 300m in length. The real advantage of buying 3.5t horseboxes in Staffordshire, or other largely rural counties, is their increased manoeuvrability; all of our models can legally be driven on a standard license, and their compact design makes them perfect for twisty, bumpy or un-even country roads.


Time to Buy a Horsebox?

Searching for horseboxes for sale in Staffordshire? Then look no further than Cooke Coachbuilders; based in Crewe, Cheshire, we supply premium stock and bespoke horseboxes to a range of clients throughout our local region and beyond. We’re confident that our vast range of premium horseboxes for sale will cater to all requirements, whether you’re a breeder, racer or just an animal lover; browse them online today.