Cooke horsebox dealers and manufacturers are one of the most well-known provides or equine transportation in the UK and not without good reason. With every horsebox or race home we create, we offer a bespoke service allowing our customers to tailor their vehicle to their unique needs and make a home away from home. As a well-established brand, with years of experience in producing everything from cab conversions to HGV vehicles, we can assist anyone and everyone with their horsebox requirements.


Our Horseboxes

Cooke horseboxes can be designed to suit a variety of specifications, requirements and budgets and we are proud of our reputation of being great for individuals and whole race teams alike. Our 3.5 tonne models are designed for those just starting out with horse transportation and can be driven on a normal licence. We developed this range to be practical and budget friendly, while our 7.5 tonne is just as functional but ideal for those looking for a touch more comfort in their ride.


Race Homes

Upwards from our 7.5 tonne models, Cooke horseboxes also encompass a range of heavy vehicles including 12, 18, 16 tonne models as well as HGV builds too. Designed for those with a larger budget and more people to transport, these larger models can be built with a diverse number of features from the practical storage cupboards and shower rooms, through to the more frivolous flat screen TV’s and wine coolers.


Bespoke Vehicles

Getting the right horsebox doesn’t just mean choosing the right size though, Cooke horseboxes know the importance of travelling in style and comfort, particularly during long eventing seasons. Our bespoke vehicle service allows you to construct your ride as you see fit, swapping out features for those that offer the most benefit to you.

For more information about Cooke Horseboxes call us on 01270 588 598.