Call us horsebox builders, top-quality manufacturers or the best in luxury horse transport, but one thing is for certain – we have been continuing to build reliable yet aesthetic horseboxes since our inception. We are committed to providing you with the exact horsebox for your requirements, so our website has a section devoted to new models as well as a sale section.

A Slice of History

The fifth Duke of Richmond, Lord George Bentinck invented the horsebox back in 1836. Prior to this miraculous invention, horses only travelled on foot – even when going across far distances, as they normally pulled carriages along.

An Abbreviated History

Our own history dates back almost five decades to 1974, when Cooke Coachbuilders was founded to bring the best in British manufacturing to the horsebox sector. The benefit of getting your horsebox from a team of experts with decades of expertise is that you can rely upon a refined standard of craftsmanship and technical expertise. Plus, you get a 12-month warranty.

Since 2015, Geoff’s son Matthew Cooke has been in charge and overseen a continued commitment to innovation and fresh designs. While the breadth of our designs and models may be up for continual change, a crucial element for sustaining our reputation as being the best horsebox builders in town has been our commitment to a personalised service. Our commitment to building bespoke horseboxes has never changed as we begin a customer relationship where your specific requirements and customer satisfaction are valued, inclusive of our after-sales service.

Contact Us

Contact the team at Cooke Coachbuilders for your required horsebox service, and our team of certified horsebox builders will be able to accommodate your needs exactly. In the meantime, peruse our website to see what we can do for you.