Some people take a cynical view of luxury. They see it as status-seeking, trying to display how much wealth you have, or they might just be plain envious at your success. Others know that luxury is a perfectly acceptable thing to strive for as both an individual and as a horse owner. Many people view horses as an extension of their own family – as close to them as a child would be. At Cooke Coachbuilders, we have over 4 decades of experience in manufacturing a bespoke horsebox in Cheshire and beyond, in varying sizes and with optional extras determined by the buyer. We have enough experience to know luxury does make a difference – to you and your horse.

A Luxury Environment

Our surroundings matter. The standard of our homes affects our moods and our opinion of ourselves. To compete professionally with horses, you need to have a robust sense of self-confidence and a high opinion of your capabilities. That’s why we believe in every luxury Cheshire horsebox our expert team build and modify – and it’s also a part of the reason why we give you the option to modify the insides to match your preferences! Your say matters according to our team, as we are fully receptive to meeting your bespoke requirements.

Triumph Awaits

Horses themselves have historically been gifted to king’s as they were seen as symbols of man’s triumph and success. Today, they are still viewed as a luxurious ‘item’, but a horse is a sentient being, capable of emotion and therefore getting the feeling they are being looked after. By providing a comfortable and luxurious environment for your horse, you are creating a positive bond between you that will result in a better performance in all competitions.

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